NSR Transits


Never before have so many vessels sailed through the Northern Sea Route.  During 2013, 71 vessels compared to 46 in 2012, 41 in 2011 and 4 in 2010.  Some noteable events are listed below:


  • Following a succussful first LNG voyage, the sister vessel "Arctic Aurora" sailed from Hammerfest to Japan in September 2013
  • First LNG vessel "OB River" took the NSR passage from Hammerfest to Japan in November 2012
  • 75 600 dwt “Sanko Odyssey” loaded with iron ore became the first Panamax and largest bulk carrier to sail NSR in September 2011
  • The first known passage of a 3D seismic vessel through the NSR. Polarcus Alima departed Hammerfest on 15th Sept 2011. After only 9 days and 3.000 nautical miles the vessel reached Cape Dezhnev in the Bering Strait. As exploration in the Barents Sea will continue, future voyages are very probable
  • Largest vessel ever, 162 000 dwt Suezmax loaded with 120 000 mt gas condensate. “Vladimir Tikhonov” was the first Suezmax to take this route in August 2011
  • Gas condensate from Russia to China and jet fuel from Korea to the Continent. Same vessel using the NSR both ways. First tanker to make return voyage in one season
  • Three reefer vessels, all taking between 4,700 tonnes and 8,500 tonnes of frozen fish from Eastern Russia to St Petersburg.
  • First passenger ship completed Russia’s North East Passage in Sept. 2011